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Legendary Materijų vietos ir kritimas

This guide should serve as the one place you want to look when you're wondering where to get the Legendary crafting materials for your level 70 Legendary and Set craftable items as well as what they're good for when you've found some while slaying the monsters of Sanctuary.

With the release of Reaper of Souls, many new level 70 crafting recipies are being added which require an additional Legendary material besides Forgotten Souls, the level 61-70 version of Fiery Brimstones, acquired by salvaging level 61-70 Legendary items.
These additional materials can each be acquired from sepcific monsters or lootable objects in the world, allowing players to focus on farming specific materials for the item they are looking to craft. This guide will detail how to acquire each of those materials and what they're used for.

While I've tried as best I could, I can of course not guarantee for the correctness and certainly not for the completeness of the information given here. However, keep in mind that none of the items have a 100% drop chance, so killing a certain monster a bunch of times without getting the desired item does not mean it doesn't drop it at all.
Please feel free to correct or add to anything I have listed here, I will attempt to update the main post as soon as possible. This is especially true for the "Acquired from" and even more so for the "How to farm" portions. If you find an item in a place that is not yet listed or believe another place might be better to go hunting for an item, please post it here.

Most of the items drop from SuperUnique monsters (the ones with a unique purple name and a title instead of their affixes below it), so keep an eye out for them, especially for Bounties targeting them!
It appears that most of the materials only drop for level 70 characters.
It appears that these materials can be acquired on any difficulty and game mode.
A Polish communty manager has recently posted exact drop rates from SuperUniques per difficulty here:
Normal Hard Expert Master Torment I Torment II Torment III Torment IV Torment V Torment VI
5% 6% 7.2% 8.6% 10.4% 12.4% 14.9% 17-9% 21.5% 25.8%

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Cursed chest - Skeleton King

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Atnaujinome Lietuvos žaidėjų ladderį!


Turi didžiausią levelį Lietuvoje, bet niekas to nežino? Pamatyk ir parodyk mūsų svetainėje! Atnaujinome Lietuvos žaidėjų Ladderį. Nuo šiol bus skaičiuojamas naujasis Paragon levelis. Topus galite rasti čia:


Topuose rodomi visi žaidėjai, kurie mūsų svetainėje, savo profilyje yra įvedę BattleTag'ą. Žemiau pateikiu nuotraukas kaip ir kur reikia įrašyti BattleTag:

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