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Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014




Originally Posted by Blizzard:

Q. Why is the auction house system being removed from Diablo III?
The gold and real-money auction houses have provided a convenient and secure system for trading, but it's also become increasingly clear that despite the benefits they provide, they ultimately undermine Diablo’s core gameplay. A big part of Diablo is the thrill of battling demons and finding epic loot. While buying epic loot in the auction houses might be more convenient, it doesn't feel anywhere near as heroic as plowing through a pack of fearsome-looking monsters and having them drop that one awesome item that seems like it was made for your character.

Q. Will this change affect both the gold and real-money auction house?
Yes. We will be shutting down both the gold and the real-money auction houses. 

Q. When will the gold and real-money auction houses be removed from the game?
The gold and real-money auction houses will be shut down on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. 

Q. Are the gold and real-money auction houses shutting down at the same time?
Yes. The gold and real-money auction houses will be shut down at the same time.

Q. Are the gold and real-money auction houses being removed for all gameplay regions?
Yes. The gold and real-money auction houses are being removed for all gameplay regions. 

Q. Why aren’t the auction houses being removed sooner?
Since the gold and real-money auction houses receive a regular amount of daily activity, we wanted to inform everyone of this upcoming change as soon as we made the decision and give as much advance notice as soon as possible. Also, removing the auction houses from the game is no small endeavor, and there are many technical and gameplay-related questions we still need to answer before this change is implemented. 

Q. Are there any plans to add the gold and real-money auction houses back into the game in the future?
No. We have no plans at this time to add either the gold or real-money auction house back into the game after they are removed.

Q. How will the removal of the gold and real-money auction houses work from a technical perspective (for example: What will happen to posted auctions, items or currency in the Completed tab, Battle.net Balance, etc.)?
We’re still working out all the details regarding how the auction houses will be shut down. We know these details are important, and we want to ensure that this transition goes as smoothly for everyone. We will be keeping everyone informed as we work through this process. 

Q. How will I be able to trade with other players once the gold and real-money auction houses are shut down?
Once the gold and real-money auction houses have been shut down, players will still be able to trade with one another using the in-game Trade Window. 

Q. How will the removal of the gold and real-money auction house affects changes planned for itemization in Reaper of Souls, specifically "Loot 2.0"?
One of the main goals behind Loot 2.0, which is being developed concurrently with Reaper of Souls, is to make playing the game the most rewarding path to getting items. That goal has not changed with this decision, and in fact was one of the big inspirations behind the removal of the auction houses. We’re still moving forward with all the changes previously revealed as part of Loot 2.0, but we’re also looking at additional improvements we can make that will help ensure that the loot hunt and trading experience in Diablo III is as satisfying as possible. 

[SPOIL]Diablo3 Expansion Datamining - Updated[2]

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Papildomai dar atnaujinima informacija tai kas norit pasigrožėti prašom:


Update 6:48 AM EST - Added section and strings for enchanting
Update 7:02 AM EST - Added more model pictures to our model section
Update 7:21 AM EST - Added a MASSIVE update to the game modes section. Very bottom, Adventure Mode Dialogue.
Update 7:42 AM EST - Added Item Passive Effects to this post (Super Cool)
Update 8:02 AM EST - Added a full list of new "Level Areas". No banner yet, so click this link to see
Update 8:16 AM EST - Added new strings for wave clears, Loot Run Buffs, and some other wickedly neat stuff that I don't even know what it is! (Found at bottom of game modes thread)
Update 8:33 AM EST - Added some new Monster Flavor text to "Other Goodies"
Update 9:44 AM EST - Added "Artisan Backstories" to now include blacksmith backstory
Update 9:59 AM EST - Added Paragon Bonuses

Update 10:47 AM EST - A little break - We have paragon exp, hopefully some skills and stuff coming in a bit.
Update 11:45 AM EST - Added some updated Achievement Title Tags to "other goodies" 

Update 4:19 PM EST - Added some more on clans, and clan chat'
Update 5:40 PM EST - Added a section for images! Check em out!
Update 6:29 PM EST - Found a UI for "devil's Hand" Will have pics when I can
Update 6:47 PM EST - Added "Artisan_CustomMade" Ui to pictures

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